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We have been working hard for several months on the development of the Maule M7-235 for MSFS. Here are some explanations on the work done for the moment and to come.

Description : First of all we plan to develop the Maule M7-235 at the "study" level including all the functionalities of the real aircraft. The flight model is also developed according to the complete documentation of the aircraft and will respect in a very precipitous way the flight characteristics of the Maule M7-235 High quality testers and real pilots of the Maule M7-235 accompany the development and check the operation in a strict and precise way in order to restore in the most faithful way to the reality the capacities, the reactions and the piloting of this aircraft of legend. The M7-235B and M7235C variations will also be developed but in a second time.

Work in progress: The texturing not being advanced for the moment you can discover here some previews from our design software. Currently the flight model is very advanced and very precise respecting each aspect and characteristics of the Maule M7-235 but there is still a lot of work to do especially on the aerodynamics. We have made a lot of progress on the design and each part is drawn from the manufacturer's plans. Each pin, cable, bolt, nut, rubber protections and other are present and the animations include the movements of cables and springs Each real action is or will be animated as in real such as the compression of the train, the feathering of the propeller, the movements of the door handles and others. You can discover on the previews the modeling and animation of ailerons, rudder elevator and flaps and some parts like the Mc hauley propeller, the Alaska Bush trip tail wheel and the Cleavland brake calipers. Michelin aviator 5.00-5 tires are fitted on this 235 version of the Maule M7 Our Maule M7-235 is equipped with the Lycoming O-540-W engine

Work to come : We still have a lot of work to do, especially on the exterior model and the interior model is still to be done entirely. The exterior texturing will start soon and we hope to show you some previews in September.

Release : We want to integrate different liveries and prepare a paint kit as well. The integration of a tablet with different status and options is planned. It is possible that the 235B and 235C variations will be released as an addition to a base pack which would be the 235 or in another way, a base price giving free access to the other variations to those who will have bought it at that time and a price of and an evolving price as each variation is released. For the moment nothing is decided and it will also depend on what it is possible to do on the market place of Microsoft. We estimate for the moment that the plane could be released in early 2023. We will of course give you more details in the development flow.

We are still looking for more Maule M7 235 pilots, especially 235B and 235C variations to test our aircraft. Stay tuned to our page to follow the development of this legendary aircraft.

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