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Pilot Experience Sim 

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Hello, My name is Kem Bergès, I am the founder of Pilot Experience Sim. I have always been an aviation enthusiast. After years of advanced realistic simulation and approximately 9000 hours of virtual flying on networks like IVAO and Vatsim and on all types of aircraft (PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic Software, etc.) I decided back in 2012 to start the making of an A320 home cockpit. Numerous years of work have been required for research and development, tests and indexing and realization. Multiple users demands contributed to a lot of growing projects that I am going to describe here. The first one being a PDF “advising pack” about tips, configurations and performances first in FSX and now in P3Dv3 and v4. After thousands of downloads over years, it has become a software including new automation features additionally to the tips, configurations and performance explanations. I’ve realized and referenced numerous tests during those years. Pilot Experience Sim is being encouraged by a volunteering team of enthusiasts, pilots, aircraft technicians, developers, graphists, photographs and other people from other domains. All those people contributed to amazing advancements. It has been decided in 2018 to create an enterprise  to be able to only work on projects and products from Pilot Experience Sim to answer the demand. We are considering the development of sceneries. Pilot Experience Sim acquired its excellent reputation thanks to its implications since years in the worldwide flight simming community by sharing knowledge and providing help to thousands of simmers. But also, thanks to its availability and will to constantly evolve towards better technologies and techniques while always looking for seriousness and quality in its work. “We are constantly evolving and the optimization of the products we create is the basis of our quality approach”


Pilot Experience Sim Products

>P3D Settings Pack

“The software to hold to get the best out of your simulator without any headache”


The Pilot Experience Sim Settings pack is a portable application that, like a paper guide, is formed of a complete imaged noticed about how to get the best out of P3D with a lot of add-ons. However, it offers advantages that a paper guide bought to your local newsagent doesn’t have. For example, a fast and precise fully automatic mode of P3D settings optimization regarding your computer specifications. Reliability is the main quality of the Pilot Experience Settings Pack regarding the thousands of flight hours acquired with realistic and precise flight simulation. Unlike other products, we do not offer a “miracle solution” that will increase your FPS by 50% by simply pressing on a button. This is simply not achievable unless you put every parameter to its minimal value, which is not the goal of an optimizer. The purpose of this pack is to allow you, through a guide, to find the perfect adjustments of your P3D settings regarding to your computer capacities. It is available in French and in English. Please find the detailed features on the website under the “P3D Settings Pack” section or in the albums on the Facebook page. Initially created in 2014 under FSX, the Pilot Experience Settings Pack has got the benefit of numerous test and user feedbacks.






“From an office desk to a home cockpit”

Home-made wood furniture for an A320 Home Cockpit adapted to real A320 internal dimensions and reworked external dimensions. The line “Easy Cockpit” has been designed to be accessible by a large number of people. Furnitures and structures are made with high-quality wood and allow a simple evolution thanks to the possibility of easily adding new generic or real elements from various home-cockpit parts maker. The making of the blueprints took approximately six years and brought detailed digital blueprints and 3D animations. This process gave rise to numerous checks regarding to the gigantic number of false dimensions and data on the internet. The prototype has been in development for 2 years, which corresponds to approximately 2000 flight hours. One of the many benefits of the structures is that the external dimensions have been adapted while keeping the internal dimensions real. Which means that the cockpit will easily fit in a small room (2.7m * 2.4m minimum) with screens or in a bigger room with projectors. (Adaptors for mansard rooms are available). The price, the robustness, the quality and the flexibility are the main advantages of the “Easy Cockpit” line from Pilot Experience Sim. Site > 

presentation >

Cockpit tour in a large room:

Building in a small room:



>Pilot Experience Sim Sceneries


Since late 2018 we are now developing HD sceneries for P3D and MSFS


Pilot Experience Sim Evolution

We are thinking about  making our own hardware for the A320 (FCU/MCDU/TCAS, etc.) even though we favor partnership with other manufacturers for now. Multimedia Website:

All information in French and English

Facebook: News, pictures and information accessible at all times in albums YouTube: Demo videos, presentations and flights

"Easy cockpit" line 


Let me indroduce you the Pilot Experience Sim  " Easy cockpit line"

There a designed to be able to make his own home cockpit with elegant and strong simplified solution and especially available for the most of us.

We have working hard for respect real A320 aspects and options.

Internal mesurments respect real A320 that allow to build and adapted easely to every panels on the market and also real ones

We have futher options  like "minimum stands" , "certified fit with (*partners) stands" , and "custom stands"  (on request)

Some smart adaptation have been done for satisfied  every  home cockpit simmers needed and simplified implantation of options.

Easy cockpit line are made in strong and quality wood with real great painting. The work is artisanal and made with a lot of passion for giving life to every cockpit . Conception made 5 years and cockpit has been test for hundred hours.

External mesurment have been adapted for let us build a full cockpit in a "standard room" of minimum 2,5 m by ;2,7m for dual seats with  shell .

The power of Easy cockpit line is to allow to get quality simple parts and structures at  a great price and let the choice of every evolution from generic hardwares to real ones and to easy adapted what you already have or need.

Every Pilot Experience Sim parts fit between them and are really simple to mount and unmount.

The cockpit components design are really elegant and you can choose you part colors.

Easy cockpit line have been thinking for let every possibilities open  and not make one product with a good price and another who only work with it at hight price . That let us budget for buy the best hardwares or what we want.

All parts and structurals component are made with attention, mount and test before sending .

This product line let the choice to flight complete A320 series (from 318 to 321) but also upgraded stands to A330 cockpit.

A320 easy cockpit line represent the best structural components and parts choice for save money and have the best cockpit.






Sceneries and tools dev

3D designer

Home cockpit dev

With the precious work and support  of our team !






Softwares developer


Beta tester


A320 CDB

Cockpit development






Beta tester




3D designer



Golden developer

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