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changelog: -Updated AFCAD -Digging flood protection river -Deleted water aeras -Updated French flag to animate -Added custom local road signs -Added new career hangar -Excluded unwanted carparking autogen -Updated thumbnail in content manger for PESIM system users

*You cand do th update on PESIM Central (be fure you have version 2.1.2 > Ref attached post or forum

*If you use an addon linker software, please activate our scenery before the online update . Recall : To work the online update need the scenery correctely installed by setup without uncheck the lanch product box at the end(ref forum or user manual) in the community folder or where you decided the first time to install it.

*We have change the name of the main scnery folder so if you use the new setup available in PESIM Central / LFTZ-MSFS /links , please uninstall previous version , verify no pesim-lftz folder are still in cimmunity folder , if yes manually delete them. Then install with the setup

*The update will be available on Market place few times later when Microsoft can add it


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