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Pilot Experience Sim 2022

Dear users, Best wishes for this year 2022 ! We want to give a full update on this new year and the Pilot Experience Sim forecasts in 2022.


NEW: We are evolving this year with new design and texturing techniques and softwares for an exceptional rendering propelling Pilot Experience Sim to the highest level. This made us lengthen the deadlines but we are very satisfied with our choices and we know that you will be too. We have already been offering high quality products since our beginnings, but this development will be major. We welcome Yoan to design which allows us to work on several projects at the same time now.


MSFS: We are still working on our custom jetways which will be integrated into all our sceneries soon. Ajaccio airport is under development for an exit scheduled for March Lyon LFLL and Brest LFRB airports are on the program and should be released in 2022. Other airports are in our lists visible on our site under "Time Table" Updates including improvements are planned for this year.

We are also preparing a surprise project but for the moment we cannot say more about it we are just sure that it will delight many aviation simulation fans!


PREPAR3D Currently we are not planning a new airport on P3D. Indeed although less advanced in pure simulation, the graphics engine of MSFS and the development methods of the sceneries are made simpler for a better result. This also allows us to offer more attractive prices for MSFS products. The point is that many users are on MSFS, as a small structure we have to make a choice of specialization and we always choose the latest technologies.

We will revise our position on the occasion of the release of P3DV6 if major noticeable changes are present. On the other hand, we guarantee that our products will continue to be ported to future versions of P3D as well as our Settings Pack.

Regarding the updates of our products on P3D, there are no more planned, our products being perfectly stable and up to date.

Bordeaux LFBD V2 for P3DV4 and P3DV5 remains in our forecasts in the year 2022 but it will be a new product as many changes have taken place in Bordeaux this year. V1 users at this time will benefit from an attractive discount for the switch to V2.

---- HOME COCKPIT A320: We plan to move forward with the production of plans for structures and furniture for Home Cockpit A320 allowing an evolution from an office cockpit to a full real home cockpit. ---- Our products for Prepar3D and MSFS are available exclusively on Simmarket and our products for MSFS are available on the Microsoft store for PC and Xbox They are developed to be very efficient, ultra realistic and detailed including the latest essential technologies such as PBR, and up to date with reality which is very important for us because many scenes on the market represent airports as there are 10 or 15 years which is nonsense for us. It seems essential to us that, in addition to the latest architectural news, our airports are constantly in conformity with aeronautical charts. This progress monitoring will be carried out on our products for MSFS from now on.

We remind you that support is given on our forum or by email and that you will find our news on this Facebook page, our website or by email by subscribing to our site. Join our Instagram to take advantage of exclusive news as well as our promotions dates in advance !!

Instagram: pilot_experience_sim

Pilot Experience Sim offers quality products as well as advanced support and we do our utmost to meet your requests. This year promises to be particularly dense in novelties and updates and we are very happy to welcome many new users every day. As a small structure dedicated to aeronautical simulation, this is what allows us to stay in place and advance our products and projects and your requests.

This page was launched in January 2016 and the company in July 2018 so we are celebrating the 6 th anniversary of the page and entering our 4th year of business. Your loyalty allows us to maintain a high standard and constantly evolve as well as to respond to your many requests for new airports.

The entire Pilot Experience team thanks you. Enjoy the flights everyone

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