PESIM Saint Tropez LFTZ MSFS20 available !

New Pilot Experience Sim Product is available !

Saint Tropez LFTZ for MSFS20 .

Out now on Simmarket:

Welcome to the wild international airport of La Môle-Saint Tropez !

An amazing panorama, a dream destination for a dangerous approach in the short runway in the mountains !

Land with the Dash 8 Q400 from Darwin Airlines or make the Geneva-Saint Tropez regular Sky valet line in the Pilatus PC12 or with a Falcon.

Practice flying in Robin DR400 or make a short hop between Nice and Saint Tropez in a helicopter.

Take off from La Môle-Saint Tropez for a stunning flight.

The scenery is made to be "as real as it gets" regarding the airport in 2020 and is 100 % PBR

The Airport of Saint Tropez requires a specific qualification obtained from instructors on the spot.

It is open only during the day. It is classified as a dangerous airport because of its short runway in the middle of the mountains.

This a complete new scenery but as a simmarket user with a PESIM LFTZ 2018 P3D licence ,you will have a small reduction.