PESIM Central V2 available

We are delighted to announce the release of PESIM Central V2. We have been listening to your feedbacks and requests since the launch of our first iteration of the Central, released back in 2018.

After 3 years of operations and several month of hard work, our online update utility is getting a fresh look. Aside from a re-designed user interface, the Central V2 has been engineered to become the nerve of Pilot Experience Sim’s product management. You will still find all the products and the possibility to update and run them, but you will also find all the free content that we release.

The product pages have become bigger, with more pictures, more information about the features and the changelogs as well as links related to the product. Each of them is properly sorted by category: Sceneries and utilities for each simulator.

With a brand new update system, designed to be more efficient, future-proof and user friendly, you will be able to access all your products & more effortlessly. Cheery on the cake? Get notified of updates directly in the notifications centre: You will never miss an update again.

Non-exhaustive changelog for the Central V2:

-New internal logic to improve reliability and performances

-New scalable infrastructure to sustain the improvements in the long term

-New user interface

-Notification centre

-Category tree for products

-Enrichment of product pages (including pictures, features list, changelogs, links and more)

-Added free content in a dedicated section

- New download progress interface.

Please note that it will take a few days for all the details to be included as we are migrating step-by-step.

*Remove PESIM Central V1 from your desktop and launch the new PESIM Central V2 setup.

You will find it on your Simmarket account

We look forward to your opinions and comments but we already know that this new version will delight you

Time to go flying!

Enjoy !