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Montpellier LFMT V2 for P3D available

We are happy to announce that LFMT V2 for P3DV4 and P3DV5 is available.

The update is free



-New full dedicated product and setup for P3DV4

-Updated terminal windows color and transparency

-Added terminal interiro lib

-Updated GSX2 preset (Jetways logos)

-Updated user manual


-New full dedicated product and setup for P3DV5

-Updated terminal windows color and transparency

-Added terminal interior lib

-Added new base optional runway lights system 

*Can be seen from far

-Updated puddles effect compatibility with P3DV5

-Updated CECI building 

-Updated car park light effects for P3DV5.2 compatibility

-Updated terminal red lights effects (bigger)

-Updated  GSX2 preset for P3DV5 (jetways logos)

-Updated user manual

Procedure :

It is strongly recommended to uninstall the scenery from the control panel and perform checks before installing version 2


Check that there is no LFMT P3DV4 P3DV5 scenery folder left in Programs 86 / Pilot Experience Sim.

If so delete it manually User / appdata / roaming / virtuali / GSX

Delete the lfmt.ini file

3. In document / P3DV4 and/or P3DV5 addons, please delete the xml folders named: Pilot Experience Sim LFMT Airport

If you have the previous version 1.6 installed, PESIM Central will only update the version For P3DV4.

However the GSX preset will not be updated and the new folders renamed so use the recommended procedure above.

Now you must install with the dedicated setup per version of P3D.

Do not forget to not uncheck the lanch box and the end of the setup


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