Montpellier LFMT for MSFS20 soon available

We are very happy to present Montpellier Méditerranée airport for MSFS20, the second Pilot Experience Sim scenery for MSFS20.

It took a lot of effort to put together new workflows as everything is different with this new simulator and it is a complete new product.

Since we have acquired a lot of experience in scenery design techniques, we have reworked the Montpellier scenery for it to be as real as it gets and make the scenery as lightweight and FPS-frendly as possible.

The PBR has been added and it looks sublime. Our custom library has been completely reworked for maximum performance with PBR.

We have used new techniques available in MSFS2020 to provide a unique flight experience when flying at this airport.

We are Montpellier airport lovers and are very pround of this new scenery.

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​* PESIM Central ( online updates)

* Friendly FPS

* New AFCAD 2020

* Custom ground poly using new FS20 tools

* HD PBR textures

* Full custom HD design (handmade)

* 100% PBR Realistic HD modelization of the buildings.

* PBR static Falcon 1000 (Azur Poly)

* PBR static 767 UPS 

* PBR static ESMA Mercure 100

* PBR static EC-145SC

* Sloped runway and realistic terrain profile

* Added custom local vegetation

* Realistic airport representation

* Added night textures

* Added dynamic spot lights

* Added custom PBR vehicles

* Added custom library objects

* Replaced Windsocks

-Our installer allows a default installation without manipulation , you just need to lanch PESIM Locator before the setup so it can detect your simulator path.

-The scenery will be soon available on the Microsoft store .

-The scenery will be first available on Simmarket included a discount for P3D LFMT Simmarket users.

We wish you some good times at Montpellier airport !