Biarritz LFBZ P3D4 /P3D5 available !

We are happy to present to you LFBZ for P3DV4 /P3DV5 Biarritz Pays Basque airport is a French airport located in the municipalities of Anglet (75%) and Biarritz (25%) in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department and the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, whose creation dates from the 1950s. The terminal, the control tower, the Dassault Aviation hangar, and the flying clubs are located on Anglo territory, only the western end of the runway is located on Biarritz territory. This airport is one of the few in France to be located in the heart of an agglomeration, so users can quickly connect to urban centers.

Biarritz airport received 1,066,204 passengers in 2019. It is, in terms of passenger traffic, the 17th largest airport in France and second in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

For several years, the airport has welcomed more than a million travelers per year and has supported the economic growth of the Basque Country (French and Spanish) and the south of the Landes. It presents statistics far superior to the airports located in the surroundings such as Pau Pyrénées airport at 100 km, and San Sebastián airport (Aeropuerto de San Sebastián in Spanish, Donostia-Hondarribiko aireportua in Basque) at 25 km.

The increase in airport traffic has prompted plans to modernize the airport. The business aviation terminal was completely restored in 2013 and work to improve the ground circulation of commercial aircraft was completed in mid-2015 (new off-ramp and taxiway adapted to commercial aircraft).

The approach by the ocean is magnificent!

To begin with, substantial work was done on the photo real mesh (LOD19) perfectly connecting the roads to that of ORBX .

We have modeled all the buildings in the area in an ultra detailed and realistic way by including many details present in 2020/2021 all in PBR. The textures used are of high quality and 99% PBR.(99% PBR-1% photoreel)

The scenery is FPS optimized

An important information is the choice we made about jetways. Indeed GSX2 replaces the default jetways automatically for the holders of this addon. Their walkways are sublime and perfectly animated. This simplifies your use for a perfect result.

The night environment has been worked on by including many shades and night effects.

We have created many different dynamic realistic "Spots" for most of the light objects for a magnificent rendering. Taxiway, runway, ALS are classic lighs and wig wag lights are dynamic, allowing a more realistic effect as well as greater flexibility of evolution .

Each building is PBR and has been worked according to a complete documentation, thousands of local photos among others of the satellite. In order to be as realistic as possible, we plan to follow up and update the scenery.

In addition to the ultra detailed design, we have added many optional HD libraries via LFBZ configurator . You will be able to adapt according to performance and desires.

Majority of windows are in PBR included transparency and some have realistic overall reflections .

The ground and the lines were made with HD PBR textures including crackling effects and other water stains and puddles, ultra realistic and up to date in 2021.

A low texture patch is available as an option. The PAPI were modeled.

Concerning the taxisigns, they have been replaced as in real and we use for the moment those by default, which allow to be replaced by those of the galleries of REX, Envtex or others.

AFCAD has been worked in a precise and ultra-realistic manner offering perfect positioning and coherent vehicle movements. We added the progressive rain effect of P3DV4 which is fantastic as well as custom puddles.

Due to the significant impact on grass performance in 3D, we have also added this optional function, installing areas of 3D grass.

Regarding SODE we have included the animated windsocks .

The scenery have compatibility with all third-party software (All ORBX / FS Global ultimate next/FVFR mesh)

We are pleased for LFBZ to offer you superb PBR static planes from our partner Azur Poly.

Finally we have added non-listed parking spaces on the flying clubs sides to allow you to leave from your favorite flying club.

Throughout the stage design the concept of performance and economy has never been overlooked and we have done everything to optimize our scenery.

LFBZ configurator allows you great flexibility in options.

PESIM Central allows you to update without reinstalling when possible

We will continue to offer you all possible developments in this direction.

Custom PBR animated vehicles are available and have negligible impact on fps.

We thank our partners Ignition Design, Christian Bahr, Vaptor studio, Simmarket, FSElite, Avionic Online.

We hope you will have some good flights at Biarritz Pays Basque airport.