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Ajaccio-LFKJ_MSFS available !

Come and amaze you at the magnificent airport of Ajaccio,

Enjoy its incredible panorama and its dangerous approach skimming the mountain !

Features :

-FPS optimized

-Custom HD design (handmade)

-Up to date realistic representation of the airport

-Advanced ambiant occlusion

-Advanced realistic terra forming

-Sloped runway and realistic terrain profile

-Up to date AFCAD

-Realistic ground design included HD custom textures

-100% PBR ultra Realistic HD modelization of all buildings in the aera

-Terminal and tower transparency and interior details included

-Detailed Air Corsica hangar included interior

-Custom PBR vehicles included

-Car park designed

-Added many airport custom lights effects

-Added sea flashing buoys

-Added custom runway guard lights

-Added advanced night textures

-Added dynamic spot lights

-Repositioned PAPIs

-Added many custom PBR librairy objects

-Repositioned windsocks

-Online updates (PESIM Central linked)

Installation (please read)

1.Do the PESIM Central online update 2.1.3 and close it ; relanch it, click the logo and be sure you're on version 2.1.3

You can aslo execute the PESIM Central setup 2.1.3 provided in the LFKJ file

2.Lanch the setup V0.9.9 and install it as required

3.Do the online update V1.0.0 on PESIM Central to activate your scenery before lanch the sim

4. Enjoy !


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