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PESIM LFBD V1.6 available

PESIM LFBD updated to version 1.6

>Online update or setup (when available on Simmarket *Remember to reset to defaut the configurator before and after the update*

v1.6 changelog : -Added PBR low poly optional static aircrafts pack -Updated Tower object (rebuilded from scratch, optimized up to 20% ,from 40MO to 9MO) -Updated Red light effect (bigger) -Updated LFBD configurator options,defaut settings and descriptions -Updated user manual

Some explanations: We have added a pack of static planes from our partner Azur Poly PBR and low poly. We have rebuilt since 0 the Tower object and reduced from 40mb to 9mb. This is a prelude to version 2 which will be available by October, including the new terminals under construction and a complete re-optimization (+ 30% performance expected). ). The red lights have been magnified for better visibility. The configurator has been completely updated changing the default setting and adding options. The update is available online at the moment. You will be notified when setup 1.6 is available on your Simmarket account. Good flights!

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