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PESIM Biarritz/Pays Basque LFBZ first previews

PESIM Biarritz/Pays Basque photo real mesh

We are pleased to present the first previews of the work in progress at Biarritz / Pays Basque airport LFBZ for P3DV4 and V5.

We have worked for the moment on an ultra precise photo real mesh LOD19(0.07m) and paid particular attention to the coloring so that it is the most natural and realistic and sticks perfectly with the mesh of ORBX or other VFR. The local vegetation has been added. The work on the basic afcad carried out with precision including the 2020 data and a very precise control on the AI ​​traffic. The custom ground is not yet drawn on these screenshots Share and like as much as you can to support us, thanking you.

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