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Product description:


Pilot Experience Sim’s Settings pack is, in the same way as a paper guide, a complete manual about how to pull maximum performance out from a stable P3D. However, it offers some advantages that a paper guide doesn’t have. Find a lot of recommendations and explanations from complete mode.

Reliability is the principal capacity of Pilot Experience Sim’s Settings pack regarding the thousands of hours of tests consolidating an experience gained over years of advanced flight simulation.

Why are we different from other products of the same kind?

Unlike other products, we are not offering a “miracle” solution that will boost your FPS by 50% only by clicking on a button. This is not possible. Maybe by turning all the settings to minimums will make this. The goal of this pack is to allow you, trough the reading of a guide, to find the perfect settings combination in P3D, Windows and third-party add-ons to pull maximum performance out of your computer. 


- Complete guide about P3DV3, Windows and third-party add-ons settings

- Automatic update

- All of that in a modern and good-looking application

- A support system with answers from pack authors within 48H

Product content:


The product contains an portable application with two modes: A fast mode and a complete mode.

Complete mode:

Complete guide about P3DV3, Windows and third-party add-ons settings for maximal performance.

It has been written with years of experience, validated with tests on different computers.

Minimum System requirements : Win 7-Win 10 / I52500k / Computer memory =4go/Graphical card memory= 1go

                                                              Our Central  can update all scenery files from our servers.

                                                               The first installation is made via our full  installer



                                                                         Payment is made via SimMarket 

>The licence key activation works via internet. You will be able to use it on two computers on your home network<


Here are some explanations about PESIM SETTINGS PACK:


I have been facing for a few years questions about my settings, aside from that,I also have been storing all my tests results about my simulator. I've started by issuing free packs in PDF format.After years of work, we started to develop an advanced software that includes automatic features.We also adapt our software to the users experience feedback.It is now exceptionally reliable and very practical in many situations in the life of a simmer.The number of users keeps growing.If you run a community or an aeronautical simulation magazine, your opinion will always be of great importance to us as well. Would you be interested to make an "article" (review) about the Pilot Experience Sim P3DV3 Settings Pack V3 ? If yes, I will provide you with a press license and a photo file including some authorized blurred information screens to post them with your article.

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