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Product description :

Isafjordur (Ísafjörður) airfield is an Icelandic airport serving the town of Ísafjörður, located on the west coast of the island.
Enjoy magnificent panoramas, unforgettable flights in the Fjord and a rather delicate approach.

(code AITA : IFJ • code OACI : BIIS)

V1 Features :


* Friendly FPS 

* New AFCAD 2021 

* Custom ground poly using new FS20 tools 

* HD PBR 4k textures 

* Full custom HD design (handmade) 

* 100% PBR Realistic HD modelization of the buildings. 

* PBR static custom airport vehicles 

* Sloped runway and realistic terrain profile 

* Realistic airport representation 

* Added night textures 

* Added dynamic spot lights 
* Added custom library objects 

* Replaced Windsocks

Windows 10 /11 +
Quad  Core Processor with 3 Ghz or better
RAM min = 16 go
GPU min= 8 go 

Min required space = 852 Mb +

                                                              Our Central  can update all scenery files from our servers.

                                                               The first installation is made via our full  installer



                                                                                     INSTALLATION PROCEDURE

                                                                              LANCH PESIM LOCATOR BEFORE SETUP

                                               Do not uncheck the lanch box at the end of installation of the setup !

                            You need to be connected to the internet and you need to right click  and execute it as administrator.

 Payment is made via SimMarket,  The licence key activation works via internet.

The products is also available on the Microsoft Store directecly in the Game

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