PESIM LFBZ p3DV4 / P3DV5 changelog 



​* FPS Optimized
* Full PBR included ground poly ,buildings and objects
* PESIM Central (online updates)
* LFBZ configurator (included many HD lib options)
* PESIM LFBZ GSX2 jetways and vehicules custom preset 
* Airport area photo-real texture LOD 19 with ORBX auto-gen accurate optimized linked roads and compatibilities.  
* New AFCAD 2021
* All windows are PBR included transparency
* Realistic HD PBR textures Ultra HD 2k/4K 
* Realistic custom PBR HD design of the runway, taxiways and  terminal roads
* Realistic up to date PBR HD modelization of every building in airport area 
* PESIM custom HD lines, tire tracks, PBR puddles
* HD Night environment 
* Many Custom realistics PESIM dynamic spotlights 
* Classic custom edge taxiway , ALS and runway lights
* Dynamics custom  wig wag lights
* P3DV4 rain effect
* Custom PESIM puddles
* All buildings up to date in 2021
* Designed replaced  PAPIs
* SODE Animated windsocks and flags
* PESIM high details libraries options
* Fixed  taxi signs positions 
* Default vehicules linked to auto-gen setting
* Fixed elevation  
* Fixed airport and tower beacon position 
* Realistic vegetation linked to auto-gen setting 
* ORBX FTX Global + Vectors + EU LC compatibility
* France VFR mesh compatibility
* FS Global Ultimate (Next) compatibility
* Optional seasonal 3D Grass 
* Optional Static aircrafts 
* Added not listed parking  
* SDK4.5
* P3D recommended xml install method
* All effects controled
* Low textures pack patch option






​* Updated push back profile , added Left / Right option at gate C4 /C5 /C6/C67

> Update can  be done by uninstall previous version and reinstall with setup 1.2 

Or by do the online update and manually replace LFBZ GSX2 preset (link in user manual)


​* Fixed  crashes with  new runway lights objects


​* Fixed runway light distance view at night (part2)

> Replaced original effect design with new emiters as well as repositioning lights objects



​* Fixed runway light distance view at night (part1)
* Updated airport vehicles afcad  path