PESIM LFBD MSFS changelog 


When an update is notified here, it means that it is available on our custom system external to Microsoft for users who have purchased on Simmarket and use our setup and PESIM Central.
The update will also have been submitted to Microsoft for users who have purchased our products on the store, steam or Xbox, however Microsoft's processing time can range from several weeks to several months.


* Optimized FPS 

* Realistic airport representation in 2021

* Full custom HD design (handmade) 

* 100% PBR ultra Realistic HD modelization of all buildings

* Sloped runway and realistic terrain profile 

* New AFCAD 2021 

* Included new 2021 terminal and new Y parkings

* Custom ground poly using new FS20 tools and custom texture

* HD PBR textures 

* Included PBR tranparent windows

* Included interior details

* Added PBR static custom airport vehicles 

* Added PBR static EC-145SC

* Added PBR static A350-1000

* Added NoveSpace center + A310 Zero G

* Added Dassault complex

* Added /Stelia /Sabena complex included new 2021 buidings

* Added BA 106 complex 

* Added Aeroclubs complex

* Custom PBR dynamic wig wag lights  

* Added night textures 

* Added dynamic spot lights 
* Added custom library objects 

* Replaced Windsocks